Writing a newspaper article lesson plan

Remember the 3 Cs when you write your script Remember to keep your words clear concise and correct: Share the example articles from the Los Angeles Now to help students generate ideas.

Instruct the students that they will be using the newspapers from Lesson One to find examples of the three leads - news lead, quote lead, and description lead. Read examples of news and feature articles from the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. Lesson Extensions Students can rewrite any Greek myth as if it happened in modern times.

Newsreaders read at three words per second. Giving one of your interviewees the last word can tilt the story in their favor. They answer the questions: Keep your sentences - and the length of your report - short.

Various aspects of newspapers are covered, including parts of a newspaper, writing an article, online newspapers, newspaper reading habits, and layout and design techniques. Days - Free Write Step 4: Place the newspapers at each group. As they are transformed into reporters and editors, they will become effective users of ICT in order to publish their own classroom newspaper.

Then jot down ideas for the following six sections.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper

Answer when-where-what-who-why and how questions in their newspaper article. Get straight to the point at the beginning. The end quote is a good way to sum things up. Demonstrate understanding of new journalism vocabulary the lead, news lead, quote lead, and description lead by organizing their article around one of these ideas.

Remind students that their news story is much like a conversation, beginning with a summary of the highlights and working its way down to the least interesting facts - the inverted pyramid approach.

You have to tell your readers where and when this story is happening. Encouraging children to read and write in ways that allow them to make sense of real language in real contexts is more likely to help them develop the skills necessary to become fluent readers and writers.

The structure should "lead" the reader from idea to idea simply and clearly. Writing news 10 mins Quiz: Using this approach helps students more fully understand the process of producing formal written documents, such as magazines and newspapers. Were they able to incorporate the ideas from the questions and the lead information?

Get your facts, spelling and grammar right. Writing news Which of the following will help make your report more interesting? Closing quotation Find something that sums the article up in a few words.

Police hit out as demonstrators make point Riot police used shields to push demonstrators back Demonstrators show their emotions as police get involved in clash 3. Now, one of you tell your partner about it, just like you did when you were telling your own piece of news.

Main body What is at the heart of your story?

Writing a Newspaper Article

You will probably need to rewrite your script, using the second worksheet, which is all good news making practice. Evolution of a second-grade class newspaper.Copy of Goldilocks in a newspaper format for young children to use as a read aloud. Also includes a lesson plan around the story of Goldilocks and /5(9).

This lesson and all associated documents (handouts, overheads, backgrounders) are available in an easy-print, pdf kit version. Lesson Kit: Writing a Newspaper Article. As you know, newspaper writing style tends to have three levels: Headlines, leading phrases, and article content. Each of these has its own style.

This lesson focuses on calling students' attention to this type of writing style on a deeper, grammatical level. Lesson Plan Breaking News: A Lesson in Writing Newspaper Articles Students write a newspaper article about ancient Greek mythological characters in a modern-day, mock current event context.

Language Arts Lesson Plan Students use a variety of synonyms to write headlines and articles that resemble a model article.

Breaking News: A Lesson in Writing Newspaper Articles

Students learn about the parts of a newspaper and identify the main idea of a newspaper article. (Grades ) including reading and writing for meaning, map reading, media literacy, sequencing, word meaning, and.

Writing a Newspaper Article Lesson Plan Grades 6 – 9 Once the list is finished, allow students to sign up for topics and form pairs if they wish. Limit the number of feature.

Writing a newspaper article lesson plan
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