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Hirani planned to wrap up the film by December. Arriving at Shimla, they meet a man who turns out to be the real Ranchoddas Chanchad. Pia tries to help the trio by revealing to them the location of the exam paper, but Virus finds out and expels them.

In the third year of engineering recruiters hire students. So, the question remains whether 3Idiots live up to all the expectations or just fizzles amidst all the hooplah. The director of the film makes an effort to display the critical condition of the education system of India in the form of a brilliant movie which is entertaining and also sends an important message out to the viewers.

He then causes an emergency landing by feigning a heart attack. Madhavan plays his part as Aamirs real buddy and gives an astounding act to be at par with other two idiots. He stubbornly sticks write a film review of three idiots songs a doctrinal method of teaching, putting him at odds with Rancho.

Chetan Bhagat feels very proud that his book and his message have received a wider audience because of the film. The film 3 Idiots finely portrays the education system of India by showing exactly what happens with the students of a particular engineering college.

Without comment, Rancho does so. From him, they learn that the Rancho they knew was actually "Chhote", an orphaned servant to the Chanchad family. I was skeptical myself walking in rather blind. They know that reciting the oversimplifying phrase will not provide their problems with a solution, or even a catalyst, but it gives them the onset courage they desperately need at a time of uncertainty and despair.

Knowing this truth he decides not to rusticate the three students.

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Sign in to vote. Rancho asks Farhan to change his field of study from engineering to wildlife photography as Farhan always wanted to become a wildlife photographer. Its actors are beautifully fitting for their roles, assisted by a script so human and true to life that it is honestly hard to believe, and captured through beautifully alive cinematography to collectively give us a beautiful package not just in the figurative sense.

Rancho, as a student, was conspicuously ingenious and angry at the inhumanity of the school system. At the end of the film, he is shown to be a famous scientist, entrepreneur and business magnate who also teaches young children when he takes a break from researching.

Baradwaj Rangan of the New Indian Express wrote that Chatur being a Tamil from Uganda makes him "twice removed from the North Indians around him — a stranger to the nation as well as the national language. Rancho persuades him to buy a school uniform and sneak into school to gain an education. It is from him that Raju and Farhan learns the truth: Behti hawaa sa tha woh is like a rhapsodic General Introduction of the lead actor while Jaane nahi denge is an elegiac plea to the almighty for the well-being of the friend; full marks to Sonu Nigam for crooning the song in pain-ridden voice.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. How to cite this page Choose cite format: While Raju and Farhan are unable to get good grades as they feel the pressure of the education system.

This is a true situation and such pressure exists in most of the colleges in India. If anything, we can say 3 Idiots is a message to the parents of the Indian youth and that is to stop applying pressure to an already stressed out demographic.

The music and songs routine is stitched well within the movie and never looked out of context. Though in bolly-nagri fortune-pendulum swings every Friday, still if promos are any indication then the chances of latter is minimal.

Few reels into the flick and the sense of deja vu surmount any other prevalent feeling at that point of time. This film shows that Rancho argues with the director to make him understand that the way of teaching is incorrect and he blames the system for this.

Ace craftsman Raju Hirani is mighty successful in churning out the best emotions out of one and all the actors throughout the roller-coaster ride.

It seals both stories nicely, but it takes the viewer on a roller-coaster ride of emotions through carefully constructed events before it even arrives at those endings.

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Aal izz well is the masti song and already scoring in the chartbusters, Zoobie-Doobie fills in the void of romantic number but picturised beatifically to give it a new fervor. All of these are being made into different movies. With intensive care and support from his friends and Pia, Raju recovers in time for a corporate job interview.

Rancho tries to steal the paper and is caught by the director. At the end, he is shown to have changed his doctrinal methods of teaching.Jun 09,  · A truly stellar Bollywood film on par with Slumdog Millionare.

This has become my favorite Bollywood comedy/musical. The lesson at the core of this beautiful. Dec 26,  · Padmaavat Pakistani Public Review Capri Cinema Karachi - Duration: 3 Idiots vs Nanban Indian Film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Film &.

Dec 25,  · 3 Idiots Movie Review: Critics Rating: stars, click to give your rating/review,Rajkumar Hirani says so much, and more, without losing his sense of humour and the sheer lightness o/5.

Dec 25,  · plot. 25 December released comedy-drama 3 Idiots is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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The story of the film revolves around the friendship of /5(K). Feb 12,  · WRITE A REVIEW NO, THANK YOU. Review this Movie. 3 Idiots is always fun for me, as a film reviewer- some movie suck, some rock and some are so sad and inspirational and funny at the same time- those are the works to sum up Vidhu Vinod's best movie yet.

and the songs are memorable, better than most Bollywood movies. Most of all, the 67%(4). Original Songs: Shantanu Moitra Background Score: Sanjay Wandrekar renowned Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg praised 3 Idiots, which he had seen three times and said he "loved the 3 Idiots has been ranked China's 12th favourite film of all time according to ratings on popular Chinese film review site Douban, with only one domestic Budget: ₹55 crore.

Write a film review of three idiots songs
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