Uaral the writing and the crypt

If anyone reading this attended this show and remembers who played, please chime in. I was too young to participate in the first several NYE shows. First up and unbilled in the advance ads for the show were the Sons of Champlin, who were still operating under the moniker Yogi Phlegm — a name they adopted for some arcane reason during most of into the early part of At that point in time, FM simulcasts depended on dedicated telephone lines from the venue to the stations, and both KSAN and KQED started having audio difficulties at the start of the broadcast, although they were generally ironed out for the bulk of the Tuna set, which found the band playing as an electric quartet comprising guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, bassist Jack Casady, drummer Sammy Piazza and harmonica player Will Scarlet.

The Tuna set was beset by sound problems. I remember procuring hard tickets at the box office in the Sharon Heights shopping center. We snagged balcony seats on the east side of the ballroom, providing a clear view of the proceedings without the crowds and chaos on the floor.

This show is documented at length in a wonderful Lost Live Dead essay. Today one can find a hybrid version of the show online, incorporating audience recordings, part of the funky FM signals, and some soundboard bits.

The early parts of this show remain a mystery, as the broadcasts did not start until early in the support set from Hot Tuna. As was the case the previous year, the entire show was broadcast on KSAN, and my parents were kind enough to record the show during their NYE at home.

I went with my friend Tim P. These marathons were hit-and-miss musically, but always were memorable spectacles that marked the transition from one year into the next in high style. Advertised as further support were the Acoustic Dead, Stoneground, and the New Riders of the Purple Sage, but I do not know which of these bands actually played.

Their actual set, with the broadcast plagued by some audio issues, consisted of the following: In the early s, an additional tape from that evening surfaced featuring a jam between Hot Tuna and Bob Weir that transpired in the wee hours after the Dead ended their set.

I would imagine the New Riders and Stoneground may have played brief sets before the broadcast started. I attended 17 of those shows and listened to two more remotely.

What started out as a year-end celebration for most of the top-line San Francisco bands of the s evolved into an annual tradition for the band and promoter Bill Graham.

Cryptical Developments

It seems certain that the Dead did not play an acoustic set, as they had basically abandoned that format in their shows after the early November Capitol Theater run. It is conceivable that the Dead played somewhere on NYEbut no information I have come across supports a gig on that date.Home | Canada: Trois-Rivieres | Germany: Stuttgart | Mexico: San Luis Potosi.

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Uaral - The Writing and The Cry (música para ouvir e letra da música com legenda)! Home: I give melancholy / Room: of alloyed grief.

Uaral the writing and the crypt
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