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Fahnehjelm was an inventor who designed an early form of light diving suit and had previously been involved in other salvage operations.

What allowed Vasa to carry so much firepower was not merely that an unusually large number of guns were crammed into a relatively The vasa case ship, but also that the 46 main pounder guns were of a new and standardised lightweight design, cast in a single series at the state gun foundry in Stockholm, under the direction of the Swiss-born founder Medardus Gessus.

And, how much did his decision to sail with the ships gun ports open contribute to the sinking of the Vasa as: The sculptures are painted in what are believed to be the original colors.

Commercially produced replicas—such as drinking glasses, plates, spoons, and even a backgammon game—have been made from many of the objects belonging to the crew or officers found on the ship. Many of the figures are in Dutch grotesque style, depicting fantastic and frightening creatures, including mermaids, wild mensea monsters and tritons.

He spent many years probing the waters without success around the many assumed locations of the wreckage. For the most part, the decks were excavated individually, though at times work progressed on more than one deck level simultaneously.

At Tegelviken, where there is a gap in the bluffs, an even stronger gust again forced the ship onto its port side, this time pushing the open lower gunports under the surface, allowing water to rush in onto the lower gundeck. The ship had to be kept wet in order that it not dry out and crack before it could be properly conserved.

The gun ports were open, and the guns were out to fire a salute as the ship left Stockholm. The ship was then emptied of water and mud and towed to the Gustav V dry dock on Beckholmen, where the ship was floated on its own keel onto a concrete pontoon, on which the hull still stands.

The quarter gallerieswhich were merely nailed to the sides of the sterncastle, collapsed fairly quickly and were found lying almost directly below their original locations.

Almost all of the iron on the ship rusted away within a few years of the sinking, and only large objects, such as anchors, or items made of cast iron, such as cannonballs, survived. The museum was officially opened to the public in However, no-one was prepared to take the blame.

Sentencing for Jane Vasa in Food Stamp case continued

Visitors could view the ship from just two levels, and the maximum viewing distance was in most places only a couple of metres, which made it difficult for viewers to get an overall view of the ship. Overall, almost all heroic and positive imagery is directly or indirectly identified with the king and was originally intended to glorify him as a wise and powerful ruler.

Safety margins at the time were also far below anything that would be acceptable today. These decisions come in the time of need to make innovation in the plans to make the decisions and plans look attractive. Imagery borrowed from Mediterranean antiquity dominates the motifs, but also include figures from the Old Testament and even a few from ancient Egypt.

Experiments done by Japanese researchers show that treating wood with PEG in an acidic environment can generate formic acid and eventually liquify the wood. Within the disciplines of history and maritime archaeology the wrecks of large warships from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries have received particularly widespread attention as perceived symbols of a past greatness of the state of Sweden.

Each side of the beakhead originally had 20 figures though only 19 have actually been found that depicted Roman emperors from Tiberius to Septimius Severus. Although Vasa was in surprisingly good condition after years at the bottom of the sea, it would have quickly deteriorated if the hull had been simply allowed to dry.

Fate of the Vasa Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The almost vertical sections of the tunnels near the side of the hull could also potentially collapse and bury a diver inside. Admiral Klas Fleming who was aware that the ship had failed a stability test before it was launched but did nothing about it other than to be wishful that the King had been present as: There is no evidence that Henrik Hybertsson had ever built a ship like it before, and two gundecks is a much more complicated compromise in seaworthiness and firepower than a single gundeck.

On 16 JanuaryHenrik and Arendt signed a contract to build four ships, two larger with a keel length of feet 38 m and two smaller, with dimensions to match the earlier ship Gustavus. Digging had to be performed under a constant drizzle of water and in a sludge-covered mud that could be more than one metre approximately three feet deep.

Swedish historians have described this as one of the more extreme examples of an early modern state using almost all of its available resources to wage war; the small northern kingdom transformed itself into a fiscal-military state and one of the most militarised states in history. Inthe Swedish government decided that a permanent building was to be constructed, and a design competition was organised.

For this reason, the gunport lids are made with a double lip which is designed to seal well enough to keep out most of the water. The only actual portrait of the king, however, is located at the very top of the transom in the stern. Vasa has been the subject of hundreds of books, articles and papers on topics ranging from marine archaeology to culinary history.

The ship was mentioned in several histories of Sweden and the Swedish Navy, and the location of the wreck appeared on harbor charts of Stockholm in the 19th century.

The name Vasa has in Sweden become synonymous with sunken vessels that are considered to be of great historical importance, and these are usually described, explained and valued in relation to Vasa itself.

Most of the finds are of wood, testifying not only to the simple life on board, but to the generally unsophisticated state of Swedish material culture in the early 17th century. Little evidence suggests that Vasa was substantially modified after the keel was laid.

Small objects have been sealed in plastic containers filled with an inert atmosphere of nitrogen gas, for halting further reactions between sulfides and oxygen.

This was the largest concentration of artillery in a single warship in the Baltic at the time, perhaps in all of northern Europe, and it was not until the s that a ship with more firepower was built. During construction both Swedish feet and Amsterdam feet were in use by different teams.Abstract The “Vasa Capsizes Case Assignment”, is a project management case.

We’ll find that if the project leader used many of the project management tools used in today’s projects the Vasa probably would have made numerous voyages for the Swedish fleet.

However, because of the lack of a.

THE FATE OF VASA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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THE FATE OF VASA Case Solution & Answer

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The vasa case
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