The night of horror essay

A Scary Night

Without thinking my risky escape plan through, I grabbed the loose end and tugged with all of my might. Finally, I fell asleep. The grandfather clock struck But when I saw the photos I was shocked. Just then, I saw a shadow in the reflection of the glass bolt across the room.

I was about to go to bed when I heard a tapping sound on my window. As I lay there, I decided that later, I would tell my family about my adventure. It was probably just my stomach, I thought to myself. It was dark but I knew the way to my drawer where I kept my camera.

I was dozing off from my tiresome adventure, but my hope before I drifted off to sleep was that some day I would be able to tell my children and grandchildren all about the periluos adventure that I had experienced that day.

Then I remembered that I did not use the flash. These eyes glared down at me with such an intensity that I could not stop myself from muttering, "Oops. I saw a loose end of his gauze covering flapping at his side.

I decided to look through the cabinet by the window to see if anyone actually lived here. It looked like an alien I felt too frightened.

I woke up only after eight and decided to investigate. I peeped out of my blanket but it was too dark to see anything. I had to clean my glasses because so much dust had collected on them. I felt very brave after defeating the mummy. My brown hair and dark brown eyes made me practically camouflage in the wood-paneled foyer, except for my old grey hooded sweatshirt and comfortable red sweat pants.

I ran to my bed and pulled my blanket over my head. The vast picture window was framed by a custom cabinet with a buffet coming to just below the windowsill. When I had jumped back, barely two seconds ago, the glass doors of the cabinet had shattered.

Wrapped in something that seemed like gauze, or maybe paper towels, I had no idea where he had come from. I then went to town to get the film developed. If someone did, I hoped they were away. Today, I am still amused to think I was so afraid of my own father.

But I could not sleep. I kept sorting, but with no findings.

Another red rose, each in a slender vase, sat at each place. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning; I saw a face at the window. When the mummy started to spin, I knew that he would get dizzy and collapse, so i darted for the door.

They were black and I could hardly see anything. Then I heard footsteps. I heard as the glass fell on my legs. Soon the footsteps died off. Suddenly, I heard something something behind me. I found some footprints outside my bedroom window.

When I reached home I told my father the whole incident and he started to laugh. I started laughing too when he told me that he had dressed up as an alien for the party.

I spread out on my sofa, winded from the running. My heart was pounding, and the room smelled dusty, musty, and faintly of roses.

Then I remembered that they were at a fancy dress party. I went back to my bed and tried to sleep.Critical Analysis – Night of the Living Dead Essay.

A+. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay The zombies are the main element of horror in Night of the Living Dead.

The viewer is afraid of the threat the zombies represent. We will write a custom essay sample on Critical Analysis – Night of the Living Dead. A Scary Night. It was a dark and stormy night. I was about to go to bed when I heard a tapping sound on my window.

"Who's there?" I shouted. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning; I saw a face at the window. It looked like an alien an alien that I had seen on the television show, "the X files.". Night Terrors Essay Jones Jones 1 Article Summary 8/1/ Things That Go Bump In The Night Is sleep truly the source of human peace?

An article by Ph. Scary Night - Original Writing I was now ready to depart after the party, exiting my Cousin’s house. It was a Halloween party. It was a lot of fun; to be honest the party seemed to be quite good.

-The zombie horror Genre is the theme and genre that will be analyzed to understand the detailed examination of a recurring pattern between these types of movies. There will be many examples of the films from this genre to support my arguments. History of Music in Horror Films Essay Words | 9 Pages.

A history of the sound in horror films Horror films are known for their ability to scare audiences, to get .

The night of horror essay
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