Socially useful and productive activity report

Socially Useful Productive Activity

Work is necessarily an interdisciplinary activity. Dissident socialists objected to this approach, because they felt that in a socialist society, "productive" labour should really be defined by such things as: High-flying polythene balloons used to burst while going through the extremely cold stratosphere untill a scientifically minded worker suggested that putting a little carbon powder in the fabric would help to keep it warm by absorbing sunlight.

Vegetable gardening or pot culture, cooking of meals. These sectors are mainly output-defined e. Being former software engineers, we thouth of dealing with this using technology.

In — National Consultation on Salesian activities for youth in difficult situations especially for street boys and girls, and other young at-risk.

Vasanth James for their support and guidance. Material product accounts in Soviet-type societies[ edit ] In the Soviet Union and later other socialist countries in Eastern EuropeChina and Cubaa system of social accounts was created based around the notion of the "material product" Material Product Systemor MPS.

And moreover, to apply the managerial skills learned in the academic course without expecting any kind of monetary returns. Such programmes will have two components: This could be measured by striking a ratio between the monetary value of output produced, and the number of hours worked to produce it or the number of workers who produce it.

However, physical and human resources may have a value which cannot be expressed in price terms, and to turn them into an object of trade via some legal specification of property rights may be harmful to human life on earth.

Before his visit to France in his Theory of Moral Sentiments Adam Smith sees the gluttony of the landlords as an "invisible hand" which helps the poor to partake in the landlords wealth.

There are only 2 store rooms in the building where all such loads of clothes are dumped in sacks. This organisation works consistently to provide the basic necessities and care food, clothing, shelter, medicine for these children and then rehabilitate them by training and educating them in any vocation in order to make them independent.

We then arranged all the clothes on the racks according to their types, say all the T-shirts on one side, etc. The advantage of this change is that economic activity is more comprehensively valued and visible in monetary terms; a possible disadvantage is that no national accounting is done anymore of physical product units e.

Productive and unproductive labour

Education gives you a platform from which you build a career for yourself and become a responsible citizen. Therefore, an experience of involvement in productive work in an educational setting should make one appreciate the worth of social life and what is valued and appreciated in society.

It provides shelter, food, clothing and education support for the children. In the division of labour of modern advanced societies, unproductive functions in this Marxian sense occupy a very large part of the labour force; the wealthier a society is, the more "unproductive" functions it can afford.

Secondly, there is the problem of what exactly the increases or decreases in the value of productive assets being held can be attributed to.

Started off with the Manipuris It was vacation time when we started our stint over there. In — Valsalya Bhavan, a home for girls on the street came into being. They have at best an historic cost, but this cost does not apply to inventories of new output produced.

Socially Useful Productive Work

Hence educational programmes should not be rigid and uniform.To be socially useful the work activity should be relevant to meet the needs of the community and the individual child.

Socially Useful Productive Work: Status of a Full-Fledged Subject: “We feel that this recommendation is the core recommendation of the report and the implementation of programmes of socially useful productive work is.

Productive and unproductive labour are concepts that were used in classical political economy mainly in the 18th and 19th any activity which produces anything, or generates an income, could be considered production and This didn't necessarily mean that unproductive functions are not socially useful or economically useful in some.



Work, understood simply, is an activity directed toward. making or doing something. It also means making.

Socially Useful and Productive Activity Essay Sample

one’s work or capabilities, or both, available for. WORK AND EDUCATION (SOCIALLY USEFUL PRODUCTIVE WOR.

Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) | Educational System

Socially useful and productive work has been recognized as very important in the education of children. The present education scenario is bookish in character and far away from the needs of the society. SOCIALLY USEFUL PRODUCTIVE WORK AND COMMUNITY SERVICE Studies may be correlated with SUPW.

Extract from Learning to Do Towards a Learning and Working Society. Report of the National Review Committee on Higher Secondary Education” with The above are illustrations of the kind of Socially Useful Productive Work which the.

SOCIALLY USEFUL PRODUCTIVE WORK AND COMMUNITY SERVICE CLASSES IX-X Emphasis should be placed on work practice and classroom discussions in .

Socially useful and productive activity report
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