Schizophrenia and social dysfunction essay

Antipsychotic drug regimens for schizophrenia are used in order to limit the frequency and severity of relapses, maximise the beneficial effects of treatment for persistent symptoms and enhance adherence to recommend regimens. Cognitive functioning depends on the plasticity mediated in part by NMDA receptors, and schizophrenics often have cognitive deficits.

There has been an increase use of pharmacotherapy in children with mental and behavioral disorder in the past two decades and an increase in the availability of different medications that are labeled as atypical antipsychotics, which followed an increase in the prescription to patients across the life span, including children and adolescents, for symptoms of other illnesses, as well.

Goldberg J Types of Schizophrenia.

Childhood Trauma Tied to Greater Social Dysfunction in Adults with Major Mental Illness

A long term prognosis is that not only the symptoms become more sever but they can risk becoming harmful to themselves or another person Versola-Russo, Therefore family therapy can help family members discuss these issues and come up with plans to overcome these issues Mental health care Firstly, drugs that block dopamine reduce schizophrenic symptoms.

Appear unaware of their surroundings.

Breier et al p. Antidepressants along with antipsychotics work more effectively in treating the negative symptoms of schizophrenia than antipsychotic by itself Singh, S.

The second generation of antipsychotics reduce positive symptoms more effectively compared to the first generation of antipsychotic drugs Barry, S. As a culture we must develop a mindset and mandate to not stigmatize those that may suffer from this condition among us. Whereas group therapies and cognitive-behaviour therapy help the person suffering from schizophrenia, with social adaption, coping strategies and cooperativeness Dogan, S.

The American journal of psychiatry, 3pp. Treatments for schizophrenia Schizophrenia can be treated by Antipsychotic and antidepressants medications in order to reduce the psychotic symptoms and allow the person to function more appropriately Rogers, A and Pilgrim, D.

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Positive symptoms appear to reflect an excess or distortion of normal functions which contribute to the presence of hallucinations. Both pharmacological treatment and psychosocial intervention can significantly decrease relapse rates for a schizophrenic patient.

Contact with reality is extremely poor. It works by increasing serotonin and norepinephrine concentrations. Certain drugs such as cannabis, LSD, cocaine or amphetamines can cause symptoms of schizophrenia in people who are vulnerable.

There is strong evidence that support this theory.

Cognition in Schizophrenia

The massive array of environmental factors has been found to be allied with schizophrenia and the particular effects of the disorder. Also, anatomical abnormalities and structural brain abnormalities have been observed in individuals with schizophrenia.

Neuropsychopharmacology, 36 6pp. Schizophrenia Research and Treatment,8Pages.


Also psychosocial interventions are required in order to manage the disability that results from negative symptoms and cognitive dysfunction Barry, S. The authors noted that this drug along with other FGAs was shown to be effective for treating the positive symptoms of schizophrenia, but are limited in that it does not benefit the negative symptoms or the cognitive impairments of schizophrenia.

It encourages people to be creative and to participate in group activities in order to express themselves in a sensible manner which helps to release pressures that have been built up from stresses that people have faced NHS Choices Social class plays a major role in mental health as people from lower social class are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems such as: anxiety states, depression, anti-social personality disorder and schizophrenia than the middle or higher social class.

aim of this essay is to clarify the current viewpoint on what causes schizophrenia. The development of causation models will be discussed Schizophrenia 9 Social environmental causes Childhood experiences of social adversity, abuse and urbanicity dysfunction, unemployment and poor housing conditions, has been.

It is most commonly manifested in the context of social dysfunction, resulting in paranoid or bizarre delusions, auditory hallucinations or disorganized speech and thinking. Castle, Wessely, Der & Murray () report that symptoms of schizophrenia are typically onset in young adulthood.

This essay will discuss whether schizophrenia is. Free Essay: Schizophrenia, also known as the splitting of the mind, is a mental disorder characterized by disintegration of thought process and of emotional.

Schizophrenia, also known as the splitting of the mind, is a mental disorder characterized by disintegration of thought process and of emotional responsiveness. It manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid and bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it are accompanied by.

6 hours ago · The findings show that a traumatic early social environment often leads to social cognitive problems and greater illness severity for people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline.

Schizophrenia and social dysfunction essay
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