Paper party hats

Since this started out as me wanting to make a hat for my dog, I wanted to use what materials I already had at home…and I have plenty of tissue paper. Caroline Gravino Urdaneta is a designer of creative family projects, a crafter, tinkering painter and mother of four children.

Crepe Paper Streamers and Latex Balloons in a rainbow of colors.

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Easy craft creations for you to make and wear! Image or video 5 Description Punch a hole in each side of the hat. We left the elastic band and used the hats as they were. Just make sure you follow the template and cut along all of the black lines. Mini paper top hats: Unfold the party hat and lay flat Paper party hats the kraft paper decorated or notthen trace around the party hat.

Party Hats (8)

Birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, graduation parties, over the hill birthday parties Image or video 7 Description Mini sparkly pom-poms are the perfect size and light to glue on. This tutorial will show you Paper party hats to make basic party hats with just paper, tape, and string.

Use the links to the left to shop through our great selection of party supplies! Party Supplies and Decorations for Every Occasion Party and Paper Warehouse is here to help you decorate for all the special events in your life! I think making your own party hat is such a fun way to customize a party!

You Might Also Like. A few snips and the wave of a glue stick and a darling little hat was ready. I made up a quick maquette, then got to work on the design on my computer, finally printing out my little burlesque creation. We have everything you need to throw the BEST party ever!

Mix and match with our coordinating solid color tableware! Cut out template and trace it onto the paper cardstock. If you have a hole punch, you can easily create two holes at the bottom of each hat to tie your string or elastic cord.

There are a TON of ways you can deck them out. Trace the template onto the back side of the paper you want to use and cut it out. An easy embellishment for the sides is punching out circles of a contrasting paper and gluing them on in a polka dot pattern.

Glue the kraft paper onto the outside of the party hat. Fun party paper top hat templates Paper party hats for parties and fiestas!

Buy the whole top hat pack today. Glue on the embellishments. Fold cardstock into cone shape, inserting the tab into slot. Cut out the hat shape from the kraft paper.

Being the baker and crafter that I am, I of course had to make the most of my puppy turning 1-year old this week. Image or video 3 Description Roll your hat into a cone shape. A classic black top hat, some Steampunk style, shake it with a bit of Burlesque and finally the perfect hat for any tea party, the Madhatter.

Attach a small piece of pipe cleaner to the shape by twisting it around the base of the shape or center of the pom-pom, them attach to the opening of the top inside of the hat folded flat using hot glue.

Links to fun patterned templates are at the end of this post!Download free printable birthday party hats, print on card stock, cut out then glue or tape—it’s easy!

Whether for a girl or boy, we’ve got you covered. Party Hats, Kids Party Hats, Cheap Party Hats Our cheap party hats may be cheap in price, but their quality meets or exceeds industry standards.

Of course, we are just talking about paper party hats. We colored designs on brown kraft paper, unfolded old party hats and glued our decorated paper on to form these fun party hats perfect for any celebration.

Printable Birthday Party Hats

Materials: party hats (we recycled old. DIY party hats are my favorite craft to do at a party. Even non-expert crafters feel confident enough to participate, and the options for decorations are endless. I like to prep some hats ahead of time so people can just dive right into the decorating.

You could stick with a color theme for a more uniform look like I did with the gold, or go super-colorful and fun. Fun and simple preschool or playgroup activity in decorating party hats using paper and other pieces.

Great for developing fine motor skills and gluing. Paper hats can be made for a party, last minute costume or just for fun for play at home. You will be set to play sailor, pirate and even the Pope!

It is a super easy boredom buster!

Paper party hats
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