Nebosh igc3 practical andmanagement report

Trailing of cables at the drilling area where workers found to be walking around that area could lead to trip hazard and have the potential for head injury, bone fracture. Workers have been exposed to hot weather and working for long time without adequate breaks provided leading to faint, dehydration and hyperthermia.

nebosh igc3 project report pdf

One of the workers were yelling at another in the construction area can cause stress and have the psychological effect as poor self esteem and depression Psychological Hazard.

There is no fire protection against burn flying objects and fire extinguisher around that area. Workers were manually lifting cement bags from the warehouse and also found to be not using PPE while carrying out subject to ligament damage Ergonomic Hazard Hazards and consequences Immediate and longer term actions 1.

Employees are at high risk of lung diseases from cement dust around the concrete mixer. There is no protection measures have been taken for employees such as no PPE,RPE and hard hats can lead to asphyxiation, scar lung tissue and also irritant to skin, eyes Chemical Hazard.

Excavator are backing up without the help of spotter could lead to accident and have the potential to cause property damage, fatality by striking the pedestrians around Physical Hazard. Drilling machine used at this construction where found to be producing lots of noise and worker not using PPE such as gloves to reduce to exposure of vibration to his hand as it is directly passing through can lead to vibration white finger, muscle weakening.

Gas cutting work is ongoing nearby fuel storage area Diesel. Diesel Generator in place for power supply during night time work and producing lots of noise which can lead to ear canal damage, tinnitus and also noise induces hearing loss Physical hazard and no workers using hearing protection.

Oil spillage in the warehouse area where it has the potential for slip hazard and could lead to head injury, bruises etc… Physical Hazard Lifting accessories were not inspected before and after the operation. First aid provision at each construction sections.

Wholesome drinking water at all construction areas. Administration department employees have a poor working posture looking at the computer in the remote office area at construction site due to non- adjustable chairs and computer monitors can lead to musculoskeletal disorder, eye strain, fatigue and back pain.of management control where there is excessive noise and emissions, which breaches both the ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations ’ and the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations ’, show a lack of determination on the part of management.

nebosh igc3 project report pdf. Igc 3 Practical Nebosh | Occupational Safety And Health | Personal management report igc Observation Sheets: pin. Jan unit ic 5 EXTERNAL; pin. Part 3 Observations: pin.

Part 3 Observations iosh: fadiha bnat facebook. I declare that the work submitted for this practical application assessment ie. the completed observation sheets and the report to management, is my own work. I recognise that contravention of this statement constitutes malpractice and may result in my being subject to the penalties set out in the NEBOSH Malpractice policy.

Apr 19,  · I am attaching a model management report as well for your understanding.

Please ensure that it is used only for guidance and not to be copied as Nebosh strictly act, if found resemblance in the paper. Nebosh igc3 project report will help to the reader lot of oppertunity to get success in the examination/5(9).

GENERAL HEALTH & SAFETY INSPECTION OF WORKSHOP. INSPECTION CARRIED OUT BY KEVIN FORBES ON 9 OF FEBURARY AT AM TH INTRODUCTION Inspection of workshop area to identify areas of good practice and to highlight hazards to health and safety The inspection was carried out using observation sheets and.

Nebosh igc3 practical andmanagement report
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