Mission vision of amul

The one and only private milk supplier, at that point of time was Polson Dairy Limited in that area. The story of Amul starts from the backdrop of high demand for milk in Bombay.

Amul Strategic Profile

Through co-operative networking, we are committed to offering quality products that provide best value for money. I shall achieve the goal through the followings: The current revenue of Amul in crores and at the end of it is targeting to crores.

Protecting our value system and the environment by judicious use of all natural resources.

Dr. Verghese Kurien – The Father of White Revolution

Overseas offices are at Dubai,UAE. Trust of Indian people more than 60 years 5.

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He then held a concourse and came to a conclusion that the co-operative society will collect the milk first then decide the price according to the quality of the milk. Amul expanded its distribution footprint to reach 1, new geographical markets with addition of new distributors, 65 new super-stockiest and new sub-stockiest.

Education level is also increasing in India; the demographic composition of India is also a n important factor in social environment. The organization renews its vision every ten years. Threats of New Entrains: The dairy has three automated plants with a wide product lines.

Hence a monopoly was created and the poor farmers were exploited by the private trader. Amul may even launch "gajar ka halwa".

TOI: GCMMF Row: HC Notice to Registrar and MD

A vision statement need to inspire and unite the people of the organization and create value for organization. The small dream of Shri Galbabhai has now taken the shape of a co-operative of societies with around members.

Increase value addition in lagging products 2. The mission statement therefore is appropriate for the biggest co-operative society of India. Sardar Vallabhbhai proposed them to stop supplying milk to the traders and start their own co-operative society and refer them to Shri Moraji Desai Indian Activist and 4th Prime Minister of India.Case studies & Testimonial of client.

Explore Case study for Colorbar Cosmetics Pvt Ltd. How our suggestion for the new range worked. Amul target strategic thrust areas with logical extension.

Write a Company Overview (mention: vision, mission statement, some present major goals, SWOT analysis, Country of its Origin and Countries of its operations, Competitors and under what type of competition the company is operating in different countries) Marks 5 ( words apx) 2.

Verghese Kurien Mission: “We at GCMMF (Gujarat Co-operative milk Marketing Federation) endeavor to satisfy the taste and nutritional requirements of the customers of the world.


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The group had a turnover of Rs.” Vision: To provide at most satisfaction to the employees. Documents Similar To Strategic Management on AMUL. Starategic. Mission, Vision, and Values Definition Organization: Mission Statement Definition Mission Statement Defined: A corporate mission statement defines what the corporation does, who it serves, and how it serves (creates value for) its clients.

It is designed to provide clarity of focus and direction for those in the company and answers the questions of who we serve and how.

Product name: Amul Taaza Milk Pack Size: ml. / ml. Packing Type:Pouch Special Features: Amul Milk is the most hygenic liquid milk available in the market.

ICT application in a dairy industry: The e-experience of Amul B. Bowonder, B R Raghu Prasad and Anup Kotla The Amul experience indicates that if properly designed and VISION MISSION STRATEGY TWE Continuous TEI TQC Improvement HR.

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Mission vision of amul
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