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Classical Music music the downbeat of a bar, as indicated in conducting 6. Times, Sunday Times He gained first-class honours in history in and held a research fellowship while writing his doctoral thesis.

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Music The accented section of a measure. A dissertation advancing an original point of view as a result of research, especially as a requirement for an academic degree. The Times Literary Supplement Her central thesis is that women have been forced to deny their true nurturing nature by the social pressure to succeed master thesis wordreference dictionary the workplace.

The Times Literary Supplement The central thesis of the book turns on the idea of an imperial project. Times, Sunday Times There is no thesis, no original viewpoint. Times, Sunday Times Write from a thesis that you can support with specific data that you have read or collected from your interviews.

The long or accented part of a metrical foot, especially in quantitative verse. See under Hegelian dialectic. The unaccented or short part of a metrical foot, especially in accentual verse.

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Poetry in classical prosody the syllable or part of a metrical foot not receiving the ictus. A Reader, Rhetoric and Handbook But back to the original thesis. Times, Sunday Times But one thesis about why poverty is so often paired with low intellectual attainment could prove seismic.

Philosophy philosophy the first stage in the Hegelian dialectic, that is challenged by the antithesis [C A proposition that is maintained by argument.

5 Topics for a Master’s in English Thesis

Times, Sunday Times Norfolk gentry in the 15th century - my university thesis? Times, Sunday Times He was awarded the degree for a thesis on character recognition. Times, Sunday Times Word Lists.

Times, Sunday Times He knows it because he did a university thesis on it. Education a dissertation resulting from original research, esp when submitted by a candidate for a degree or diploma 2.

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A hypothetical proposition, especially one put forth without proof. Logic an unproved statement, esp one put forward as a premise in an argument 5. Times, Sunday Times She had done all the research for her thesis and knew the results, but she wanted help with the final draft.

Times, Sunday Times Perhaps this is because his book was originally a doctoral thesis and it has not fully shaken off the shackles of its original form.

Times, Sunday Times I was halfway through a doctoral thesis on piloting techniques for space rendezvous. The Times Literary Supplement The central thesis is that architecture shapes us just as much as we shape it. The first stage of the Hegelian dialectic process. Times, Sunday Times It was a long speech but an engaging one, its thesis being that music can heal the disconnect between our best and worst impulses.

Read more… This is misleading and greatly weakens his central thesis. Education a subject for a discussion or essay 4.«Thesis» A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the.

Master’s in English Thesis Topics Write About a Well-Known Author’s Lesser-Known Works Apply Familiar Ideas to a Contemporary Context Study a New Literary Genre Write About the Movie Look to Other Disciplines Of all the requirements of a Master’s program in English, the thesis is the most daunting.

Georgetown University’s English. thesis - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. The M.A. Thesis in English The Master’s Thesis is one of the English M.A.

program’s two capstone options, the other being the Comprehensive Exam. May 03,  · The Ngrams show that "master's thesis" is far more widely used than "masters thesis", whether AmE or BrE. The degree is a Master's Degree, like a Bachelor's degree.

The degree is a Master's Degree, like a Bachelor's degree. thesis meaning: 1. a long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done for a higher college or university degree: 2.

the main idea, opinion, or theory of a person, group, piece of writing, or speech: 3. a piece of writing involving original study of a subject, esp.

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