Marketing mix recipe add 4 ps essay

First one on the list is product; this is actually what you are going to offer to your customer in the end.

Custom Marketing Mix and 4Ps Essay

Promotion conveys all the methods and means of communication that a marketing department might use to convey information to potential customers about the product.

Yearly they have couple of promotions that involve giving out souvenirs with Coca-Cola logos. Suppose KFC is going to launch a new type of chicken burger in the market. Product can also be put in the following categories: Before putting the MRP on his product the KFC owners must also have to add the miscellaneous charges that were spend on the product.

So the decision of promoting the product in the market has to be taken very carefully. That is done in order so the competitor would not take up that place and drive away customers. The last but not the least in this equation is the place, also term distribution can be used as a synonym for this.

KFC has to spend a lot of money to make an attractive advertisement of this new chicken burger. Not to mention their song from Christmas commercial that has been translated into so many languages and has become one of the signs that Christmas are coming.

These may impact a large sale in the market of this product. Marketing mix has been around for as long as trade exits, which is for ages. Promotion includes the following elements: Surprisingly very small sample of participants could actually tell which is which, so this brings us to conclusion that it is not so much about the taste, as about band and customer perception of this brand.

This drink promotions mostly target teenagers, adolescents as well as young adults, and promote active lifestyle. Tangible product can be anything physical you can touch and feel, a car bought at the dealership, pair of jeans in the store.

These genuine facts are like if the burger smells bad or its tastes very bad.

Four P’s of Marketing Mix Essay Sample

This tool is often critical when defining the product or the unique advertising point, customer cluster, pricing strategy. Although, knowing what you sell and who do you want to sell it to and where, for what price, and how to let your consumer know that you can satisfy his need is very important.

So the product is highly recognizable and has unique classic traits. And there is exclusive distribution, where retail points are put into a specific places where consumer can exclusively get their desired product.

As an example it can be a candy stores situated by schools, parks and playgrounds. Selective distribution is when company invests a lot of thought in the placement of their retail points. All your promotion efforts, pricing strategies and extremely attractive products will be of no value if no one comes.

Advertisings campaigns can be done on TV, radio, internet, posters, leaflets, and yellow pages.The marketing mix and the 4 Ps of marketing are often used as synonyms for each other. In fact, they are not necessarily the same thing. "Marketing mix" is a general phrase used to describe the different kinds of choices organizations have to make in the whole process of bringing a product or service to market.

Essay Marketing Mix. Marketing mix for competitive advantage: Introduction: The main intention of market research is to analyze the demand of customers.

In fact, consumers are so close with the market research and product development to their integration into the 4 Ps--that people might even be called: The fifth "P" of marketing.

The marketing mix is a process most organizations use to bring a product or service to market. The four Ps is a good way to define the marketing mix tool. The four Ps or four elements of the marketing mix are product, place, price, and promotion, which are used to satisfy consumers’ needs and the objectives of the organization.

Marketing Mix Essay - Marketing Mix Paper Introduction Purpose: Organizations use elements of the marketing mix like a chef uses the elements of a recipe.

If an element of a recipe were used alone, the end product would not taste very good, but if the elements are used in the right proportions, the recipe works. The application of the marketing mix known as the four Ps – product, price, place and promotion has been introduced over the past decades and has become widely recognized in the concept of marketing course today (McCarthy, ).

Marketing Mix the 4 P's

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Marketing mix recipe add 4 ps essay
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