Internship report on foreign exchange department of uttara bank ltd

It aims are to introduce a welfare oriented banking system and also to establish equity and justice in the field of all economic activities. Cater to all different segments of retails and wholesale customer. In particular, most of the definitions are from legislation that has the purposes of entry regulating and supervising banks rather than regulating the actual business of banking.

The methods are as follows: In this credit operation in these credit operations in the ancient merchant houses lay the germs for the development of the important credit instrument lately known as bill of exchange and these merchants were virtually forerunner of the modern exchange banks.

Primary Sources of Data When data are collected through direct searching in the field then it is called primary source of data. During the internship the teachers of the department are attached to actively and constantly guide the students.

Then both the bank absolved respectively in and The bank strategy is gradually cover total area of banking this report cover the total area of banking of Green Road Branch.

On 21st August it 2. Three foreign banks were also active with 14 branch offices. A banker or bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers to borrow and lend.

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Serve the people of the country by providing financial assistance. The definition of bank is given above, and the definition of customer is any person for whom the bank agrees to conduct an account. The moneylender thus was an embryonic banker performing duel functions lending money and mobilization of savings.

Can be divided into three major categories: Some secondary data has also been collected to make the report more concrete. But in the web site the information is updated and is properly given.

In Bangladesh, the banking sector dominates the financial sector and macroeconomic management largely depends on the performance of the banking sector. Due to some legal obligation and business secrecy banks reluctant to provided data.

Limitation of the Scope: It gives them an opportunity to develop the analytical skill and scholastic aptitude. The practice later on changed as the goldsmith utilized the deposits for earning profits.

Aspects of the study Lack of Secondary: Then the agency house of jagth Seth was similar to the merchant house of Lombardy Street. To contribute in profitability of UBL. I am working condition set up air-condition.

A modern Bank then comes in itself the functions of all the there ancestors like the merchant it makes a specialty of financing foreign trade like the money lender collects savings and end like the goldsmith provides a convenient mechanism by which people can make payments to each other.INTERNSHIP REPORT ON prepare of this report.

My internship in Southeast Bank Limited was a worthwhile experience Advance and Foreign Exchange. Internship Report for A special focus on foreign exchange of Uttara Bank it can be used to identify the performance of Uttara Bank Ltd. and.

Internship Report On An Analysis of Financial Performance and Foreign Exchange Activities of Uttara Bank Limited Course Name: Internship (BUS). Uttara Bank Limited is one of the largest private Banks in Bangladesh, The Bank has more than foreign correspondents at world wide, Total number of employee is 3, at present,The Board of. offered by foreign exchange department of Uttara Bank at Uttara Bank Ltd is such non Documents Similar To Internship Report of Uttara Bank.5/5(4).

Uttara Bank Limited is one of the largest private Banks in Bangladesh, The Bank has more than foreign correspondents at world Interest Rate for Loan.

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Internship report on foreign exchange department of uttara bank ltd
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