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We ban dog breeds because they are considered to be dangerous dogs, but dog DNA has hardly changed at all. Huskies are athletic and energetic dogs.

German Shepherd via telpets. No one asks the obvious questions. I have a 20 lb Cocker Spaniel that is mean as can be.

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Fully grown male Great Danes could well be killing machines, as they can weigh as much as pounds and stand 86 cm tall. If any of the ignorant people who wrote this P. It comes down to breeding and socialization, with out these two components you will have an issue with just about any breed of dog.

Dangerous Dogs – In the Media

How many children or adults do you know personally that have ever been affected by one? Similarly the police train German Shepherds for crowd control and other duties, yet the police reject hundreds of dogs throughout the year as being unsuitable for police training.

Sorry false statement there, I never had to worry about him aggressively attacking anyone, he just had a tendency to lick people to death. Believe me that thakes patience! However, boxers have earned a reputation as being headstrong.

I have never had a problem with any of our dogs!!! Well, only sort of. Its all in how you train your dogs. He is protective of them and everyone in the immediate family.

She was in tears because she said her husband was going to kill the dog if she brought it home. Bully breeds are generally towards the bottom of the list of attacking humans.

Rottweilers have been responsible for two deaths in the United States so far this year. Similarly, the media has no interest in accusing dog owners of being irresponsible, cruel, idiots — even if they are and it is relatively easy to find that out from eye witnesses.

Of course, the prospect of impounding a cow or other such valuable livestock might stir some action on the part of the city if a report is made, but that alone is not proof that a functioning system of animal control exists outside of some outdated references in a few statutes.

Any dog will turn on their owner if the owner is abusive and treats them cruel. The cost of defending these claims against people who cannot actually repay your defence costs should they lose is more than many media companies will risk.

Please note that I am not saying the children should not be protected, rather I am saying that the efforts to protect them are overblown and out of proportion to the size of the actual problem. Man my 7lb Chihuahua mix attacks my pitbulls and they never do anything back to her.

This is a chance of death per annum of roughly 1 chance in nine million. As birth rates are so low in the UK children have become increasingly scarce and so the urge to protect them has become heightened.

And simply putting fresh laws on the books but without the enabling regulations and institutional framework to ensure the successful implementation of these laws will only be an exercise in futility and a waste of resources.

Dangerous dogs

They are deliberately bred for aggression as they are used to this day as fighting dogs. He loves people and cats, and gets alonf with other dogs. Everyone wants a pittbull puppy, no one wants the unwanted adults that are euthanized daily.

Not once had I ever had to worry about him attacking someone.


I admit that I forget the exact actuarial statistical chance of dying from a dog attack, but in there were 33 fatalities involving dog bites in the USA according to the CDC. Dogs, in particular, are allowed access to the streets where they menace or actually attack passers-by whose fear-driven evasive actions can also make them vulnerable to approaching traffic or other accidental harm.

The British people have been known for generations as having a soft spot for dogs and pets in general. Pit bulls were responsible for 22 deaths so far in the United States this year.

Write to your MP, as it is currently election time they might even listen. However, certain breeds of dog have earned their terrible reputations, often labeled as vicious because of their apparent predisposition to violent interactions with other dogs and humans.

The public has a natural desire to protect children. I am certain that many dog owners are unaware of this fact. Our estimation of these risks is largely formed by the media reports we expose ourselves too. Cocker Spaniels made 4 on the aggressive small breeds list.

Because of the inherent danger in breeding a wild animal with a domestic one, these dogs are often extremely skittish and unpredictable, to the point that many states have made it illegal to own a wolf hybrid.Oct 15,  · DOCS: Dangerous Dogs - Episode 1 of 2 SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: billsimas.com The rise of dog attacks in the UK has been increasing dramatica.

Since its inception in the Dangerous Dogs Act has attracted controversy. Many people hold the opinion that it was a flawed piece of legislation, rushed through parliament with little or no consultation, in order to appease a public mood at the time that was largely media driven.

So, almost any breed of dog can be a wonderful companion, but almost any breed of dog can kill. It's true, though, that certain breeds are most susceptible to falling victim to a powerfully aggressive nature, and with a combination of improper care and the physical attributes and characteristics of a violent breed, these ten most dangerous breeds of dogs cause a higher number of injuries and.

Opinion The Guardian view Columnists Letters Dangerous dogs: oh don't worry, he really doesn't mean you any harm The Dangerous Dogs Act have proved in ineffective piece of legislation, too. Therefore, our 25 most dangerous dog breeds focuses on the potential of a dog to cause serious injury to a victim.

It is important to note however that most dogs are bred with the desire to please their masters. Dangerous dogs:: Learn about the most dangerous breeds of dogs, which are comprised of pit bull terriers, the fighting breed derivatives and ancestors of pit bull terriers, rottweilers and wolf hybrids.

Dangerous dogs opinion piece
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