Compare and contrast i stand here ironing and two kinds

Hence, there is no perfect way of parenting in a mother and daughter relationship. Both stories involve the relationship between a mother and her daughter. Even though the great depression has an important impact on the way they live, Emily has been mostly left on her own without any maternal love.

What are the similarities between

Dee would rather distance herself from these "real" people to connect with people of whom she knows nothing—something she believes empowers her, where she feels her American kin do not. You could become instantly famous. Furthermore, she strives to send her favorite daughter Dee away to school.

These three stories underscore the importance of a mother, thus, proving how imperative it is for a mother to be a positive role model for their daughters. However, on the other hand, the mother treats Maggie as an invisible person.

Although, after losing everything she loved in life, she still has a positive outlook about things getting better for her daughter. The mother has a successful dream about Dee being something important.

Too many things bothered her and created problems that stressed her. Ignoring one daughter over another is wrong, and so is favoring one over the other, especially when the mother is trying to live a personal dream through her daughter. At her job, she picks up secondhand magazines so that her daughter can get a glimpse of the American dream and be able to have the finer things in life.

The one daughter that she speaks sometimes of is Susan compared to the older sister Emily whom she ignores throughout the story. I hope she will! The relationship is based on emotional separation. Ironically, in believing she is closer to her "roots" by denying her American heritage, she is actually dismissing the very rich heritage that exists in terms of her American ancestors, and the line of strong women from which she is descended.

The mother, an immigrant, wants to live her American dream vicariously through her daughter by pushing her too hard to be something she is not or desires to be. You could work for the government and get good retirement.

You could open a restaurant. As far as the reader knows, Dee never changes. This young mother has five children, but she only talks about two of them. However, this ideal quickly fades out of her mind.

This is displayed when she states. She totally disregards one of them and mistreats the other one. Everything comes down to communication and love. She completely gives up on Maggie, who is not bright and waits for her get married so she could be free from her responsibility of her.

The most important aspect of her way of parenting is not just fantasizing about the future, but making the future an everyday effort: My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America.

Nikan is able to have a vivid image of herself as one of them. Heritage is central to the breakdown in their relationship in that Dee chooses to ignore the heritage of her American forefathers and mothers because they were enslaved to whites, and instead to embrace her African culture—about which she really knows nothing.

This emotional separation is why the mother treats Dee a certain way. In which, she tries to establish every part of her dreams comes a reality. The author illustrates that both daughters are treated differently, which stems from the relationship that the mother has with them.

This is not a good role model or a good job of parenting.

There is an important distinction here: She is not aware of who her African ancestors were. You could become rich.Free Essay: Untraditional Techniques in I Stand Here Ironing In "I Stand Here Ironing", Tillie Olsen uses a very untraditional plot to achieve a.

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successful as it ought to be. The stories "How to Talk to Your Mother" and "I Stand Here Ironing" are the examples of this Moore is distinguished for the clever wordplay, irony and sardonic humor of her fiction. compare and contrast. log in × scroll to top. Home; A Comparison of I Stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olsen and Two Kinds by Amy Tan PAGES 3.

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here: Suyuan. A Mother's Struggle I Stand Here Ironing Essay. Words Jul 6th, 4 Pages. Show More. Delia Amadiz Dr. Shearin Essay Compare the Road Not Taken &I Used to Live Here Once. The two literary works that I chose to compare and contrast for this paper are I Used to Live Here by Jean Rhys and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.


Compare and contrast i stand here ironing and two kinds
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