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The RLT model of nursing brings theory and practice together clearly, incorporating the complexity of a person as a whole Salvage, The tools used for Mrs Briggs have enabled the identification of a falls risk, a pressure ulcer risk and a nutritional risk.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellencep. Royal College of Nursing Salvage, J. Therefore Mrs Briggs can make informed decisions and consent to all aspects of her care.

This collection and assessment of data can flag up any actual or potential problems. The interventions have worked well and have protected the patient from harm. Using the MUST screening tool indicates that Mrs Briggs is at a high risk of malnutrition because she is acutely unwell and may not have a good nutritional in take for 5 days.

Care of Vulnerable people - Essay Example

Due to the stroke Mrs Briggs has slurred speech which is making communication difficult for her. Mrs Briggs will also be assessed using the inpatient falls assessment tool. Assessment is the first step of the five stage nursing process which consists of detailed phases that are used as a framework for nursing care Nursing Process, Mrs Briggs should not develop any pressure ulcers whilst in hospital because that would be negligent care.

As stated by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups ActMrs Briggs is a vulnerable adult because she is elderly, needs assistance and has a new disability. She also must have her call bell easily to hand and a pressure sensitive alarm could be considered if needed.

Collective subjective criteria such as loose fitting clothing or dysphagia is also used to estimate nutrition risk with patients who may not be able to give a history ibid.

This will help empower both Mrs Briggs and her family as they will feel more involved in her care and she will be able to contribute more with their help.

Although she is vulnerable and at risk there is nothing to indicate that Mrs Briggs does not have capacity. This includes multi disciplinary teams working together and also the patient and nurse team working together.

Staff will assist Mrs Briggs when mobilising and the physiotherapists will also work closely with her. A methodological review, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 44 2p. Quick Reference Guide, 2nd edition, Cambridge media: Clinical reasoning is a complex thought process that analyses specific information and comes up with possible interventions before deciding on the best course of action Simmons, Drinking lots of fluid will also help keep her blood pressure up so she does not feel faint.

She is accompanied by her husband.

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Royal College of Physicians Nelson, A. The nurse then gathers data relating to Mrs Briggs using a variety of different applicable assessment forms.

The Waterlow assessment tool is comprehensive and encompasses some previously unused concepts of risk, but some of the sections are open to interpretation Papanikolaou et al. Using the data collected, the Waterlow prevention tool indicates that Mrs Briggs is at high risk Waterlow, c. Taking this into account, because she is over the age of 65 which NICE states has the highest risk of falling, the nurse will undertake a multifactorial falls assessment.This essay is based on the Care of a patient named as Mrs Briggs.

It will be written as a rational account, adopting a problem solving approach to her. This essay is based on the Care of a patient named as Mrs Briggs. It will be written as a rational account, adopting a problem solving approach to her Mrs Briggs is vulnerable and will need. This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The concept of vulnerability in relation to a fictitious study. Vulnerability is difficult to define. Although everyone is vulnerable to harm, some are.

The patient may recover as he can learn topics that enable him to adapt to changes needed to manage the disease and acquires life skills. It is a concern of the government since it hires the personnel (Lambert, Naber & Killackey, ). (“Care of Vulnerable people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words”, n.d.

Treating patient fairly is one of the care duties of a care practitioner. Unfair treatment increases vulnerability and cause disadvantage. This is why ADP is a positive way of ensuring that people are treated as individuals, in a fair and equal way.

In this essay, I will examine one of the patients I came into contact with regularly. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct (NMC ) all names and placement details will be concealed, and I will refer to the patient as Mr. (“Care of Vulnerable people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words”, n.d.) the paper will analyze in detail about the concept of vulnerability and whether Miss Jaya could be regarded as a vulnerable patient.

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