An analysis of a cleaner world on stop air pollution

What you dump into the sky falls onto the soils and eventually makes its way into the food supply, too, so burning lead in airplanes sooner or later results is all of us eating lead on our dinner plates.

Lead is a well-documented neurotoxicant that is particularly harmful to children, who are typically exposed when they ingest or inhale lead-containing dust in the home. Today, it is illegal to add lead to gasoline and burn it in vehicles.

Lead was removed from automobile gasoline by the EPA As you explore all this, keep in mind that lead used to be added to regular gasoline for many decades.

If lead is 48 ppm in avgas, that means each kg of avgas contains 48 mg of lead. Even better, I would hope to one day see a huge breakthrough in battery power density that could result in, believe it or not, electric airplanes.

A grand total of tons of lead are dumped each year into the air over our heads from aircraft alone, according to the U. By the way, where does all this lead end up? The fact that both are being sprayed daily into the air above America is inexcusable. Yes, it seems impossible today because it would require at least a fold increase in battery power density.

But it also resulted in millions of pounds of lead being dumped directly into the environment, increasing lead contamination of soils and causing people to inhale lead with every breath.

Is it too much to ask that we stop dumping toxic lead into the skies above our own heads? The tests showed avgas contains the following: Much of it appears in the food supply, of course, because plants absorb lead from soils and grazing animals eat and concentrate toxins from plants.

And that keeps me happy. Chlorine is a highly-reactive chemical with powerful oxidative properties. Will a government-mandated switch to unleaded fuel ultimately break the bank, leaving us little recourse but to quit flying and sell our airplanes?

Sources for this story include: David Freed, by the way, is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the Cordell Logan aviation mystery novels. Avgas weighs approximately 6 lbs per gallon, meaning over 4 million pounds of avgas is burned each day, or over 1. But this is a problem that can be solved with a phased switchover to mogas unleaded fuel.

Current Air Quality

Click here to see lead results on cacao, grasses, pet treats, protein products and more. We need thoughtful, intelligent people on the leading edge of this issue if we ever hope to have lead-free avgas become a reality.

Avgas emissions are the number one source of lead emissions into the skies of America. In an age where the academic achievements of American children are routinely overshadowed by children in India, China or Korea, the continued dumping of IQ-damaging lead into our atmosphere seems absurd.

As the following EPA chart shows, avgas is the No. This is why heavy metals are often higher in milk or meat than in raw grass.

Multiplied by the 1. Lead helped engines run better and improved gas mileage. According to General Aviation News 3aboutgallons of avgas were burned each day in When will we decide to stop poisoning ourselves?

In recent years, serious harm to cognitive and behavioral functions including intelligence, attention, and motor skills has been demonstrated in children with much less lead in their blood than previously thought to cause harm, and it is now understood there is no safe level of lead exposure.

Irrefutable proof we are all being sprayed with poison: How big of a problem is this in the really big picture?(NaturalNews) America is being doused every minute of every day with the toxic heavy metal lead as it is burned in "avgas" -- aviation gas, the fuel that powers most piston-driven aircraft (i.e.

anything with a propeller). AQI: Moderate (51 - ) Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

An analysis of a cleaner world on stop air pollution
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