Amy chua parenting essay

Chua acknowledges that her argument will offend softy "Western" parents, who prefer to coddle rather than throttle their kids, and who prioritize happiness over achievement.

Strict, Controversial Parenting Style Leads to Death Threats for 'Tiger Mother' Amy Chua

Should I be more demanding? To begin with, tough parenting hinders the individuality of children. She is of the belief that her children must spend their lives making her proud and obeying her.

Looking at the treatment that Chua got by sharing the episode, I start to wonder if what I said could be also seen as abusive depending on their cultural backgrounds or where they stand. Three decades of research clearly suggests that such a narrow focus on achievement can produce wildly unhappy people.

As a result, vicious circle will be created. When kids build friendships through play, their social and emotional intelligence flourishes; social skills are a key predictor of success later in life.

Tiger Mom Essay

She goes on stating the three big differences between the mindsets of Chinese and Western parents. Parents are guiding children through life the way they feel is best for the child and their futures. Essay UK - http: However, he just want to give evidence so that Chua and Chinese, in common, understand Western parenting practices are good in some ways.

Where you raised in the "Chinese" style of parenting that Chua hyperbolizes? In fact, according to Dr. Are not Asian, or more specifically Chinese, fathers not as strict and demanding? On the other hand, Western parenting rather prefers nurturing children by following their feelings and emotions.

Here I saw a bit of a rebellion, which she will come to see later in the book with her daughter Lulu. The reason I disagree with her is that she defines the success of her children by accomplishments.

Foremost, I admire her determination to stick to her principle and her consistency in her parenting style, as she strives to live up to her own expectations and aspirations as Tiger Mom.

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

She also gives her observation as evidence to convince Westerners treat their kid wrongly. Success is getting straight As and being a violin or piano prodigy.

However, children under tough parenting will not be given chances to develop their potential.An exclusive excerpt from Amy Chua's "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior When it comes to parenting, the Chinese seem to produce children who display.

Essay about The Micromanaging of Children - Amy Chua’s, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, is about Chua’s first hand experiences with parenting the Chinese way. Nov 06,  · Ms.

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Chua’s goes on to discuss the ways of traditional Chinese parenting children and the superiority of traditional Chinese parenting over the western way of parenting. However, despite being raised by two Chinese parents, having two daughters of her own and authoring this essay, there is nothing that makes Amy Chua an actual authority on.

What Do You Think of Amy Chua’s Way of Raising Her Children?

Tiger Mom Essay In reading “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” by Amy Chua, I was surprised how Chua shared in detail about her life journey as a parent and raising two children.

This is a book about Amy Chua’s experiences in raising her two daughters, Sophia and Luisa (Lulu), in what she believes is the “Chinese mother” style of parenting. Amy Chua calls herself a 'Tiger Mother' because of her strict parenting methods that didn't allow for play dates or sleepovers for her two daughters.

But her essay in the Wall Street Journal has. Chinese Parenting Amy Chua's Model of Parenting In an article published by the World Street Journal "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior," Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, ignited a firestorm over the web because of the provocative title of her article and the arguments she made in it (Chua.

Amy chua parenting essay
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