Ailing planet essay

What is happening today is that rich are getting richer and poor are begetting children, which begets them to remain poor. The industrialists have to understand the present concern with most consideration. Jha, raised a vital question, are we to leave our successors a scorched planet of advancing deserts, impoverished landscapes and ailing environment?

What does the empty cage and the board in the zoo in Lusaka mean? Why is tropical forest called the powerhouse of evolution? More children mean more hungry mouths which implies poverty as well as increased demand on our natural resources. The four principal biological systems i.

How do fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands form the foundation of global economic Ailing planet essay What are our ethical obligation to the ailing planet?

More than ever the planet earth is losing its vitality and freshness. Another century passed it and reached the alarming figure of 3.

Author laments that laws are never respected or enforced in India. When cities and megacities occupy the major portion of the earth, the ecological balance is said to be lost. In our chapter nani pakhiwala describe about the problems which will cause in future due to exploitation of nature.

It was followed by nine documentaries broadcast nightly over the course of a fortnight, in which celebrities investigated the plight of endangered species.

Upon graduating, Palkhivala applied for a position as lecturer at Bombay University, but was not awarded the post. Development is not possible if population increases.

Now the problems caused by deforestation had reduced a huge amount because of the reduction in the usage of firewood. It is an Era of Responsibility. We, on the contrary, have to extract the resources so carefully that the generation that comes after us will have a better land and sea, a less dense forest, cleaner water and clearer sky.

Episodes[ edit ] 1. Any effort to do so — no matter how big or small — is valuable, if we wish to ensure a future that is healthy for all life on planet Earth so we have to save earth from various types of Pollution, Waste food, Drained Water etc.

Lester Brown believes that the present population of the earth has no right to think that the earth is its property. This is the question which makes us think of the future. Saving Gorillas[ edit ] In the first of nine minute films focussing on particular threatened species, pop star Will Young travels to Cameroon to report on the plight of the lowland gorilla.

By cutting down trees for his survival and development humans have established their monopoly over the other species. People all over the world celebrate this grand event all to protect flora and fauna and clean up the earth on which we live.

What are the four principal biological systems? All we have is a life tenancy — with full repairing lease.

Ailing planet

The tropical forests, the powerhouse of evolution, as Dr. Our Earth is a living organisman enormous being, of which we are parts.Class XI – Hornbill – The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role December 26, Admin Class XI / Hornbill 23 Comments on Class XI – Hornbill – The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role.

Saving Planet Earth is a season of nature documentaries with a conservation theme, screened on BBC Television in to mark the 50th anniversary of its specialist factual department, the BBC Natural History Unit. Ailing Planet Essay prevent the human race from getting extinct but more people means more pollution, more sprawls, less green space, and even more demands on the earth's already overburdened resources.

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Ailing planet essay
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