A comparison between herodotus and thucydides

Herodotus entertained Athenians and other Greeks by reading parts of his work for a fee. But it was part of the method of both alike to eliminate conventional sentiment and morality. In general, he tried hard to be accurate, fair, and unbiased. The most A comparison between herodotus and thucydides information comes from his own History of the Peloponnesian Warwhich expounds his nationality, paternity, and native locality.

He strived for complete objectivity, and in this way he pioneered the historical method used by historians today. Meanwhile, Thucydideswas born in BC in the center of the Ancient Greek world, Athens, but had considerable influence in Thrace due to owning gold mines.

When he finished, however, he had added huge amounts of background material that filled the first half of The Histories. Known for his vast riches, Croessus learned of an oracle who predicted he would destroy a great empire.

The Athenian leader Themistocles persuaded the others that this meant the Athenians should fight at sea with their wooden ships. There is also evidence of his knowledge concerning some of the corpus of Hippocratic medical writings. Xerxes asked an exiled Spartan if his countrymen would fight the overwhelming Persian army.

With lots of time on his hands, Thucydides decided to write a prose account of the war as it happened, almost like a modern news reporter. His family was probably aristocratic and wealthy. As Athens gathered more Greek city-states into its empire, the Spartans began to view the Athenians as a threat.

He also assembled a navy that consisted of war ships from subject states. It forbids them to flee from battle, and no matter how many men they are fighting, it orders them to remain in their rank or perish.

For those in need of a quick recap, Herodotus was born circa BC into a sophisticated family in the Persian-loyal city-state of Halicarnassus modern Bodrum, Turkey.

Thucydides wrote only about events that occurred during his lifetime that he could verify through examination of written records and eyewitness accounts.

They also agreed to make Darius the new king. Herodotus decided not to leave out anything he had learned about these foreign lands and peoples. The Athenians with a few allies defeated Darius at the battle of Marathon. Herodotus wrote, "No one is so foolish as to prefer war to peace: He was born around B.

This action led to his exile, a surprising benefit and important step to becoming the outsider recorder of events. Together these ancient Greek writers became the first true historians in Western civilization. Pericles admitted that the Athenian Empire was a tyranny but argued the benefits it brought to Athens outweighed its evils.

Choose two students to role play the Greek historians.

Thucydides and Herodotus

He depended heavily on his own observations from his extensive travels. If, instead of a history, Thucydides had written an analytical treatise on politics, with particular reference to the Athenian empire, it is probable that The Histories was never fully taken on face value and never will be, but as more and more evidence builds up to vindicate Herodotus e.

Fighting in Greece continued for most of the next 27 years.Start studying herodotus vs. thucydides.


Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. between Herodotus and Thucydides and therefore to make us better readers of both historians,’ and to pay particular attention to the influence of Homer on their narratives (p.).

If I have read this introduction correctly, their aim. Thucydides is regarded as the ‘scientific historian’, relying on facts, dates, events and personalities to present the ‘factual’ narrative of history.

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He detested any reliance on the supernatural, abhorred subjectivity and strived to be as objecti. Apr 25,  · Herodotus vs. thucydides? say something who deserves to be called the father of history? Follow. 4 answers 4. What did Herodotus and Thucydides establish as a field of study?

Is it true that the Palestinians claim that their existence is since herodotus? In order to compare and contrast the historical methods, interests, and objectives of Herodotus and Thucydides we must examine the characteristics of their literary method, including the narrative, description, authorial analysis, interest in accuracy, etc., and their historical inquiry – the authors’ objectives in writing the history.

Thucydides Versus Herodotus: Who Was the Real Father of History?

A noteworthy difference between Thucydides's method of writing history and that of modern historians is Thucydides's inclusion of lengthy formal speeches that, as he states, Thucydides and Herodotus were largely forgotten during the Middle Ages in Western Europe.

A comparison between herodotus and thucydides
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